COVID-19 Resources

NNN COVID-19 Task Group

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NNN formed a COVID-19 Task Group. Work is ongoing under the following objectives:

  • To collaborate to develop best practices for objective risk assessment
  • To collaborate to develop best practices for risk mitigation strategies for implementing NTD field activities in the context of COVID-19, while recognizing that specific strategies will need to be tailored to the country context
  • To coordinate efforts in risk assessment and mitigation tools and strategies to prevent duplication of effort which may further burden national NTD programmes

Within the Task Group, three Working Groups were established: Best Practices, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E), and Vaccine Rollout. Resources produced by each of the Working Groups can be found below.

List of activity resumption tools

To access and/or download a PDF document of the table below, click here

Risk assessment tools


NTD Specific

                                                                         (RAMA I Distribuição de Tratamentos (PT))  - Sightsavers

                                                                                                 (RAMA II Manejo da Morbidade da FL (PT))  

  • Guidance on Resuming WASH BCC activities_V3 (English) – Sightsavers
  • Act West Covid19 MDA Supervision checklist (check link) - FHI360
  • Act West Covid19 DSA Supervision checklist (check link) – FHI360

 Domains to Consider Restarting NTD Activities (check link) - FHI360

  • COVID-19 Programming Restart Checklist (check link ) - FHF
  • The Fred Hollows Foundation: COVID-19 Restart assessment tool and clinical guidance (check link) – FHF

SOP evaluation forms


Health facility





Recommandations pour le redémarrage en toute sécurité de la DMM pour les MTN dans les milieux à risque accru de transmission communautaire de la COVID-19 - check link to FR version of the document


  • Practical Approaches to Implementing WHO Guidance for Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Programs in the Context of COVID-19:Mass Drug Administration (MDA)- (USAID, Act to End East and West, FHI360, RTI). EN - check link to the document
  • Considerations for implementing mass treatment, active case-finding and population-based surveys for neglected tropical diseases in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (WHO)  check link to the document  
  • Materials developed for MDA in Nigeria (CBM): Covid Aide-memoire V2
  • CDD Aide Memoire for MDA (CBM) – check link
  • Digital Toolkit (Access Challenge) - check link
  • 2020 guidance from WHO on the use of medical masks (WHO) - check link  
  • Training material to accompany MDA Practical Approaches document - USAID/ Act to End NTDs|East &|West  Check link
  • Practical Approaches resource document for LF surveys + Accompanying training material for LF surveys - USAID/ Act to End NTDs|East &|West :  Check link

COVID-19 BCC resources

Task group members
Name Organisation

Ashok Agarwal

NLR India

Juliana Amanyi-Enegela CBM

Margaret Baker


Jerome Bernasconi


Lynsey Blair


Nick Burn


Simon Bush


Kelly Callahan

The Carter Center

Benoit Dembele

Helen Keller International

Yeneneh Mulugeta Deneke


Phil Downs


Wendemagegn Enbiale

BahirDar University

Emily Griswold

The Carter Center

Doniphan Hiron


Adrian Hopkins


Lee Hundley

Taskforce for Global Health

Kim Jensen The Carter Center

Achille Kabore


Kimberly Kamara

End Fund

Asad Lilani

Access Challenge project

Beth Long

Taskforce for Global Health

Kisito Ogoussan


Taruni Pandhiri


Bhumi Patel


Brett Sedgewick

Evidence Action

Rose Sedjro


Aparna Srikantam Lepra Society India

Cara Tupps

Children Without Worms

Geoff Warne


Angela Weaver Helen Keller International
Stefanie Weiland AIM Initiative

Best Practices Working Group

NTD Programs in COVID-19 Context- Successes, Challenges, and Lessons
Document Download
NTD Programs in COVID-19 Context-Successes, Challenges, and Lessons File


Monitoring & Evaluation Working Group

Supervisory checklists
Document Download
Supervisory checklists as of March 2021 .ZIP Folder


Country Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Country Download
Ethiopia SOP Document


Performance assessment tools
Document Download
Monitoring and Evaluation of COVID-19 mitigation Standard Operating Procedures File
Planned M&E activities for monitoring SOP implementation, effectiveness, and impact Form


Vaccine Rollout Working Group

Resources forthcoming.