How We Work

Reaching agreements

The growing number of organisations involved in the NTD community and increased potential of this Network has created an opportunity for the development of a holistic engagement platform for NTDs – focusing stakeholders on areas of common concern, opportunities to integrate programming and the ability to market NTDs under a single brand, generating both momentum and resources for existing efforts.

The BEST framework promotes Behavior, Environment, Social Inclusion and equity, and Treatment. It was adopted by the NNN in September 2016 and will continue to play a guiding role in the work of the NNN, providing a platform through which the community can work together more effectively, to have a greater impact in combatting NTDs and to reducing the number of people requiring interventions.

Our values

The following values guide NNN. They influence our thinking and are used routinely in policy, priority setting, decision making and implementation of all aspects of our work.


  • We believe in creating opportunities for all stakeholders to engage in the fight against NTDs.
  • We create a dynamic and welcoming environment which stimulates and appreciates active participation by our members.
  • We seek collective and collaborative engagement with other partners, working to combat NTDs.


  • We seek to become a legitimate representative body with a clear mandate from our members to act.
  • We support an environment which includes two-way communication across the network and allows members to raise their voice and opinion on topics.
  • We ensure a representative governance structure of the NNN which reflects the membership


  • We continuously search for better solutions in the fight against NTDs.
  • We provide platforms for promoting creative and innovative efforts, ideas and methods to continuously improve the fight against NTDs.


  • We are the independent voice of NGOs.
  • We promote the value of NGOs in the fight against NTDs.
  • We exchange and collaborate in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and inclusion.