The 2023 NNN Conference will be held in-person at the Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania with live stream available for virtual delegates.

We would love to see you in Dar es Salaam, but if you are not able to join us in person, you will be able to watch the livestreams, and post questions via our Q&A chat. You will also be able to explore conference content, connect with the NTD community, and share your expertise.

The NNN is applying a tiered fee structure for the 2023 Conference.

Registration fees


Early Bird fee

(20 Apr - 31 May)

Regular fee (1 Jun onward)
Delegate In-person Virtual In-person Virtual
Group 1 LMIC £85 £45 £100 £60
Group 2 HIC £185 £105 £200 £120


Register now

You can now proceed with individual or small group registration (up to 10 attendees). Please note payment is required at the end of the registration process, so ensure you have sufficient funds available.

If you would like to proceed with a larger group registration (more than 10 attendees) please email the admin [at] nnnevents [dot] com (subject: Larger%20group%20registration%20for%20NNN%202023) (NNN Events Team).


Please note that the registration website only accepts payment on Debit or Credit Card via PayPal Express. If you are experiencing issues with payment as you do not have an active card to pay with, please check if a colleague or your organization can proceed with payment on your behalf.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with the payment, please contact the admin [at] nnnevents [dot] com (subject: Difficulties%20with%20payment%20-%20NNN%202023) (NNN Events Team).

Registration Support

If you have registration queries, please email the events team on admin [at] nnnevents [dot] com.

Delegate classification

Group 1 classification applies to any delegate who lives and works in a Group 1 country

Group 2 classification applies to any delegate who either: 

  • lives/works in a Group 2 country; or
  • works for an International Organisation or International NGO with headquarters based in a group 2 country. 

Group 1 countries are those rated 'Low or Medium Human Development' in the United Nations Human Development Report 2021-2022, and Group 2 countries are those rated ‘High or Very High Human Development’.

You can view here the UNHDR human development indices per country.

Please see here the UN Human Development Report 2021-2022 Full Report, & Overview for your reference.