NNN Conference App

We were once again delighted to launch the Attendify App for the NNN Conference 2019. This gave attendees access to the latest Conference Agenda, the list of Conference Sponsors, Speakers and enabled them to receive event notifications and announcements. Attendees could also send a private message to any delegate / speaker registered on the App to let them know you enjoyed their session; it was a great way for attendees to connect with other participants prior to and during the conference. It is likely that we will use the Attendify App for the NNN Conference 2020.

How do I install it?

Follow these simple steps to install the free App on your mobile device:

  1. Download and install the ‘Attendify’ App on your iOS/Android device: Download
  2. Search for ‘NNN Conference 2019’ within the App (this will be available for the NNN Conference 2020 at a later date)
  3. Select ‘Join’ on the event landing page.
  4. Sign Up by using an e-mail address, and complete your profile with any information you would like to be public.
  5. Browse App features, including the current schedule of events.

If you require any support, please contact us or browse the Attendify support pages

What if I don't have a smartphone?

For those who are unable to download the App, most features are available on the desktop version, please click below to access.

Access the desktop version here