Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The NTD NGO Network is continuing to plan for the NNN Conference 2020 in Kathmandu, Nepal in September.

COVID-19, has been declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization. There are now more than 184,000 cases in 118 countries, including 1 in Nepal [as of 12th March].

The Nepal government has temporarily suspended visa-on-arrival for some nationals; please see the most up to date statement on the Nepal Immigration website [9th March].

As this remains a dynamic situation, we will continue to assess and calibrate our approach. We are working with the facts as we know them, but clearly the perceived risks in the public domain associated with COVID-19 (and thus the way in which we are perceived in our responses) must also be considered. While we continue to promote the NNN Conference 2020, we are working with our partners on the ground in Nepal, Leprosy Mission, our Security Advisor and the venue who remain open for business and are adhering to advice from local authorities.

The Way Ahead

We are aware of the concern this COVID-19 outbreak is causing across the world and to the NTD NGO Network in particular and we will be regularly monitoring and reviewing the situation.  We will update the Network periodically and it is our aim to be transparent in our planning efforts so that you are aware of developments and decisions.

We will update this page and also advise delegates to follow your organisation and/or country’s health authorities’ travel advice.


The following resources are being updated regularly with timely information:

WHO website:

Nepal Immigration:

Nepal Tourist Board Situation Updates:

UK Government Travel Advice