WHO Launch of the Strategic Framework for Integrated Control and Management of Skin-Related NTDs

Ending the neglect to attain the Sustainable Development Goals: a strategic framework for integrated control and management of skin-related neglected tropical diseases is a companion document to the road map that was developed in response to the critical actions identified to reach the 2030 targets. It was written in collaboration with a group of independent experts through an extensive global consultation.

The goal of this strategic framework is to assist endemic countries in reducing the morbidity, disability and psychosocial impacts of skin NTDs and other skin conditions through a people-centred approach by identifying areas, key partners and resources for integration as well as systems to embed interventions within national programmes and facilitate country ownership. Of the 20 diseases and disease groups listed in the NTD portfolio, more than half present with skin manifestations. Grouping the skin-related diseases will improve prospects for combining activities to detect and treat two or more diseases simultaneously.

Furthermore, broadening access to an integrated approach to skin NTDs through the implementation of this strategic framework  offers a solution to many of the issues encountered by those working to overcome NTDs. The framework also describes the wider health benefits supporting progress towards universal health coverage and skin health for all.

This living document can be further improved considering the feedback received from the stakeholders during its implementation and its use in the field. 

Read the Strategic Framework on Skin NTDs