Porridge and Rice

Porridge and Rice is in essence an education charity looking to eradicate extreme poverty in the Nairobi slums by enabling access to a quality education and therefore help themselves to break the cycle of extreme poverty. We began with a feeding and nutrition program and expanded our scope to health and hygiene, gender and rights, education and sponsorship, facilities and furniture, extra-curricular, and sustainability and accountability. Within the health and hygiene program we include the provision of clean water for washing, cleaning and cooking incorporating the WHO WASH principles in order to change practice and develop an impetus among the residents to change for their own betterment. We have worked with Sightsavers, the WHO in Kenya, Children Without Worms and other NGO’s to further our aims to rid the slums of NTD’s, such as, trachoma, schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiases.