NNN Conference 2024

NNN Annual Conference 2024

The NNN Annual Conference 2024 is scheduled from 1- 3 October 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Theme and Sub-Theme

The theme for the 2024 NNN Annual Conference is "Collaboration for Change: Fostering Global Equity and Strengthening Community Engagement in NTDs." The theme reflects NNN's commitment towards global equity, regional collaboration, and enhance community level collaborations and partnerships centering endemic voices in the fight against NTDs. The content of the Annual NNN Conference 2024 will stand on eight subthemes.

Addressing Social Determinants for Health : A multifaceted approach to uncover and tackle the root socio-economic factors that impact health outcomes in NTDs, fostering a more holistic approach to disease management and prevention.

Advancing Health Equity for Hard-to-Reach Communities: Focused efforts to identify and engage underserved populations, ensuring that NTD healthcare is accessible and equitable for all, regardless of geographic or socio-economic barriers.

Building and Utilizing Evidence for Equitable Action: Strategic use of data and research to advance policies and interventions that are both effective and equitable, ensuring that actions are guided by empirical evidence.

Community-Centric Communication and Advocacy: Direct engagement with communities to enhance awareness of NTDs, employing advocacy that resonates with and is driven by those affected, fostering community empowerment.

Cross-Sectional Streams: Integrating NTD initiatives with broader health and developmental agendas, creating synergy between different sectors to enhance overall impact.

Health Systems Strengthening and Capacity Building: Enhancing the infrastructure, resources, and capabilities of health systems to ensure they are better equipped to tackle NTDs effectively.

Mental Health, NTDs, and Quality of Life: Addressing the often-overlooked mental health aspects of NTDs, including the impact of stigma and myths, to improve overall well-being and quality of life.

Innovative Technologies and Community-Driven Solutions: Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and harnessing community-led initiatives to bring novel, effective solutions to the fight against NTDs.

We are now accepting submissions for the NNN Annual Conference 2024.