Matonyok Nomad Development Organization

MANDO is committed to ensuring that Maasai communities have access to high quality education, clean water and primary health care to successfully achieve their goals and potential. We tackle the root causes of poverty and inequality with the goal of creating a new economically empowered, ethical generation.

We focus our main efforts on the following Maasai communities: Eremit, Esonorua, Emboliei, Oltepesi, Enkereyian, Inyonyori, Kisames and Mosiro. MANDO works with local leaders and elders to improve water supplies, schools, health centers and women's and girls' status.

Matonyok is a Maasai word meaning working together for success. It is based on the concept of a community deciding to help itself. This is how MANDO addresses its goals of achieving more secure livelihoods and reducing vulnerability to poverty. Once this process starts, it becomes very powerful. Our approach is based on encouraging and enabling the Maasai communities in planning and decision making. Our Board is comprised of community members who volunteer time and effort. They pledge to maintain openness and accountability to constituents and partners.