Light for the World

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is a European confederation of national development NGOs aiming at an inclusive society. Following a human rights based approach, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD targets persons with disabilities living in poverty, and is committed to promoting eye health, rehabilitation, inclusive education, and an accessible and inclusive development co-operation. Our goal is an inclusive society, where all persons can participate equally in their social, political, economic and cultural environment. Our work is based on human rights: the principles of non-discrimination, participation, empowerment and accountability.

We aim to

  • Provide access to specific services for persons with disabilities through sustainable structures, building on our traditional strength

  • Stimulate the consideration of accessibility for and inclusion of persons with disabilities in all areas of development

  • Engage in empowerment processes to promote a strong disability movement

  • Promote an inclusive society

Our core work areas are

  • Prevention of blindness, restoration of eyesight and promotion of eye health

  • Rehabilitation and inclusive education for persons with disabilities

  • Promotion of inclusive development and human rights of persons with disabilities

Where we work

Partner countries for which we envisage Comprehensive Inclusive National Programmes to be in place by 2015 are: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Southern Sudan, North-East India, Pakistan and Bolivia. Partner countries for which we envisage the support of initiatives in our core work areas, are: Burundi, DR Congo, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.