Heart to Heart International

Based on love and compassion of Christianity, Heart to Heart International is serving children and families suffering from poverty, disabilities and diseases to empower them and to create "Inclusive Society" for all since it was established in 1988. Heart to Heart International is headquartered in Seoul, Korea and works for developing countries as well as Korea.  

Heart to Heart International has implemented multilateral and comprehensive strategies to serve the mission to end avoidable blindness and to improve children's health around the world. Through international partnership and alliances with governments, corporate partners, academic institutions, and NGOs, we work to strengthen efficient and effective health care systems which provide quality eye healthcare services, suitable infrastructure, capacity building, and advocacy to restore sight in developing countries. Moreover, we make efforts to control communicable diseases mainly caused by lack of clean water and poor hygiene and santitary conditions. We have contributed to eliminating trachoma, which is one of the neglected diseases, particularly focusing on prevention system establishment since 2009. 

Heart to Heart International strives to bean effective contributor to collaborative action to achieve measurable improvements in health and ultimately to strengthen sustainable health systems in developing countries.