NNN 2022 Workshop Submissions

Submissions now CLOSED

The workshops will be structured under the components of the NNN BEST Framework (Behaviour, Environment, Social Inclusion & Equity and Treatment & Care) and aligned with the theme of the 2022 NNN Conference- NTDs in health systems - innovate, integrate, & empower.

About the conference theme: The 2022 Annual Conference theme aligns with Pillar 2 of the 2021-2030 road map for NTDs and invites us to find innovative solutions to collaborate and mutualise resources across NTD and other sectors; integrate NTD priorities within health systems; and empower national programmes for sustained ownership of planning, implementation, and person-centered approaches to service delivery.

The conference agenda includes fourteen 1.5-hour workshops and two rapid fire sessions spread over days two and day three, and the mornings of day one and day two dedicated to the NNN’s disease-specific and cross-cutting group meetings.

The 2022 conference will provide in-person attendees opportunities to reconnect with colleagues, learn about programme innovations and adaptations and be inspired by two high-level plenary sessions with speakers, including leaders from South Asia, representing a diversity of experiences. Virtual attendees will have opportunities to interact with participants via the conference platform, and access live streamed events and workshops.

Submission guidelines

Please make sure to read through the guidelines below before submitting your proposal.

A selection committee will consider proposed workshop topics. Those that most closely align with the NNN Conference theme - NTDs in health systems - innovate, integrate, & empower - and the strategic objectives of the NNN will have the strongest chance of selection.

The committee will select proposals using these criteria:

  1. Relevance to multiple NTDs: the workshop should provide learning relevant to multiple NTDs; disease specific workshops and presentations should be framed explicitly to enable lessons to be applied to other diseases.
  2. Clear objectives: the proposal should have clear learning objectives and demonstrate how the structure of the workshop will achieve those objectives.
  3. Quality of proposal: the proposal should include a clear background on the issue/s to be discussed, rationale for conducting a workshop (including how the workshop will build on previous discussions), and explanation on how the workshop conclusions will be followed up by the organisers.
  4. Interaction and participation: the workshop should be structured to encourage a broad range of audience participation. Workshops containing only presentations or panels with no audience interaction are less likely to be selected. Given the format of the conference will be hybrid, innovative approaches to elicit participation in this context are required. The workshop proposal needs to clearly indicate what methods and/or tools will be used to engage audiences both in person and online, including what consideration will be made to ensure active participation throughout.
  5. Diversity of speakers/facilitators/panellists: the workshop should involve a range of participants across multiple organisations, including speakers from NTD programme countries; across genders; or persons affected by NTDs. Proposals that do not include a wide range of representation across these criteria will not be considered.
  6. In-person workshop leader: the workshop must be facilitated by at least one person who will be in attendance in-person in Kathmandu, Nepal. In addition, it is strongly recommended for the Workshop Lead to attend in-person.

While there are no limits to the number of workshops you can propose, during the submission process we will ask you to prioritise your submissions to maximise the number of individuals & organisations able to host a workshop. Please note that all participants in your workshop, including any speakers, moderators and rapporteurs must register to have access to the NNN Conference rooms, and therefore participate in the workshop.

  • Workshop submissions must be sent no later than Monday June 13th 2022.
  • Successful workshop proposals will be notified by email by Friday June 24th 2022.
  • Once successful applicants have been notified, they will be sent an editable Google document to develop and complete for Workshop Logistics and Workshop Agenda. We ask that this is completed in time for the information to be uploaded onto the system by Monday July 11th 2022.
  • A secondary deadline of Friday August 26th 2022, for selected submissions will give you two weeks to check the online platform, finalise your speakers and make any final amendments before the information is taken for the posters that will be produced for your workshop.

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