Announcing the new NNN Vice-Chair 2022-2023

We are delighted to welcome the new NNN Vice-Chair, Dr. Jemish Acharya Shrestha from The Leprosy Mission Nepal. We look forward to her leadership and vision for the NNN community. 

Jemish is a dentist by profession, and has been serving as the Head of Programmes and Learning at The Leprosy Mission Nepal, since 2020. In addition to her academic work through her PhD in global health, Jemish is a public health professional, with social/qualitative and applied research expertise and avid program management experience.

''NNN represents a long-standing commitment in this fight against NTDs. As Vice Chair, I intend to focus on strengthening national and international partnerships for the NNN and promote a research-led programme pathway to beat NTDs through the NTD NGO Network. I am delighted to take on this role and look forward to contributing to its overall works while shedding light on Nepal's fight against the NTDs''.