Venue Information

NNN Conference 2018 is being held at the United Nation Economic Commission for Africa Conference Center (ECACC) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
 Address and Contact Details

ECA Conference Center (ECACC),
P.O. Box 3001,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Telephone Number: 00 251 1 551 49 45



For information on accommodation near the venue click here.  


Please note the below information published by the venue:

The United Nations Security and Safety Services is always ready to serve all its clients. In this regard, the cooperation of all participants at this meeting would help us a great deal in ensuring the safety of your valuables and your personal security.

Do the following while you are in ECA premises
• Display your Conference Badges on demand of an authorized person and wear it visibly
• Do not leave bags and parcels unattended; this will be confiscated or destroyed
• Do not bring unauthorized persons and children into the conference center
• Safeguard your valuable property
• Check for your documents and items before you leave conference halls and meeting rooms

If you lose any valuable items within the premises, inform UN Security and Safety Service or inform the nearest Security Officer.

If you are off the ECA premises and in the Hotel
• Upon entering or leaving your room, make it a habit to lock the door
• Before leaving, inspect your room to make sure no money, jewellery, cameras etc have been left exposed
• Deposit valuables or portable items at the reception desk and obtain a receipt

Should you observe anything suspicious or out of the ordinary please contact Security Service
The United Nations Health Centre, situated on the ground floor of the Conference Centre, provides emergency medical services to participants/delegates attending meetings.